We're often asked how people can help support COGR and its mission of placing retired racing greyhounds and promoting greyhound adoption. There are many different ways you can support COGR specifically and greyhound adoption in general. Please review the options below to choose the method that best suits your circumstances.
Financial Donation Financial donations allow COGR to pay for all the hounds needs as they transition from the track to home. As a registered 501 (c) (3) organization your donations to COGR are tax deductible. The easiest way to donate is via the PayPal links at the bottom of our web pages, but you can also mail checks to COGR's PO Box or slip a little cash into the donation jar at a Meet & Greet.
Sponsorship If you prefer longer term support rather than a one time financial gift, consider sponsoring a greyhound on monthly basis. See our Sponsorship page for more details. As a registered 501 (c) (3) organization your Sponsorship donations to COGR are also tax deductible.
Amazon Smile When you shop via Amazon Smile and select COGR as your beneficiary organization Amazon will donate 0.5% of qualifying purchases to COGR. While it doesn't seem like much, many small steps can change the world... or at least buy a bag of dog food. Your purchases aren't tax deductible, but what could be better than shopping for a cause? Click on the Amazon Smile icon at the bottom of any COGR page to exercise this option.
Support our Vendors Our Vendors page lists the businesses that provide donations to COGR over the course of the year for the hounds or our annual reunion picnic fundraiser. By supporting them you indirectly support COGR and the greyhounds. Be sure to mention you found them via COGR and chose to support them because of their support for greyhound adoption.
Goods Donation

If you prefer to provide tangible gifts rather than a financial donation, COGR is always in need of the following items:

  • Dry kibble dog food (Lamb & Rice or Chicken & Rice)
  • Frontline Plus (45 - 88 lbs.)
  • Kennel Muzzles (new or gently used)
  • Martingale Collars (new or gently used)
  • Dog Coats (new or gently used)

Send COGR an e-mail to coordinate the drop off of any goods you'd like to donate.

Fostering Foster homes help newly retired dogs transition from the track to a home and COGR is always looking for more. Foster homes are the most precious asset COGR has and key to making successful adoptions. If you're willing to open your home to a speedy guest check out our Fostering page for more information.
Volunteering We can always use volunteers throughout the course of the year to assist with dog transports, Meet & Greets, the Annual Reunion Picnic, and other stuff that arises. Keep your eye on the COGR Facebook Page for volunteer opportunities.


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